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Bilbao Braggings—The Full Story of Who Beats Whom in Modern

A chart explaining statistical significance in number of wins and losses.

The world is modified. I odor it within the air. There’s a whir coming. A shadow has descended and fires burn once more on Mount Doom. A lot of the Elves have departed these shores, leaving a few courageous souls to enterprise into the land of Mardu alone. There are rocks to climb and timber to scale, bridges under and drums within the deep. There are towers and mines. There are amulets and relics. And within the icy waters beneath the mountains lurks one Factor to rule all of them…

I’m completely satisfied to report on the outcomes of just about all matches performed just lately at Grand Prix Bilbao. In complete, we all know which deck beat which in 5,836 single encounters. A much bigger knowledge set all the time yields extra correct insights, and that is the most important seen to date. It’s not simply big in absolute numbers, however in relative phrases too. We’re solely lacking deck information on 26 matches. 26 matches can’t put a dent within the findings under, so take the next because the particular information to who beats whom in present Trendy.

I write “we all know” as a result of the entire knowledge is accessible to everybody on this Google sheet. The complete factor is considerably unwieldy, so I’ll break down probably the most related outcomes for you. What’s related? Nicely…

I might level out, for instance, that Ponza went Zero-2 in matches versus Tron, as a result of dunking on Ponza has an extended custom in Magic leisure. Again within the earlier century, Normal gamers had this saying that Ponza solely ever gained the mirror, and even then provided that it went first.

It wasn’t true in Normal then, it isn’t true in Trendy now, and this unlucky document in all probability doesn’t mirror the true matchup between Ponza and Tron both. In truth, the prospect to get such a end result from a fifty-fifty matchup is 25%.

That is the crux. Once we’re checking whether or not deck A or deck B is better off in a battle between the 2, the null speculation needs to be that neither is. One option to management for variance is to calculate the chance of an noticed match end result or higher occurring regardless of an assumed even matchup. Then, if stated chance clocks in at 5% or decrease, the remark is usually thought-about to be of statistical significance.

Frank Karsten already wrote an article on the subject due to course he did. Should you’re within the strategy, its issues, and options, I encourage you to learn up on what the great physician prescribed.

My very own experience lies extra in making issues look good, so right here we go:


The blue space encompasses mixtures of wins and losses which have an opportunity of >5% to return up in a fair matchup. By this commonplace, a 2-Zero report isn’t vital, and as you possibly can see, a Three-Zero and a Four-Zero document fall inside the “insignificant” territory too. A 5-Zero report is the place it begins to get fascinating. Likewise, 7-1 or higher is critical, however not 6-1 or 7-2. In fact, if a document of 16-7 bears statistical significance, then a flipped report of 7-16 does as properly.

Up to now, the outcomes with which I’ve dealt typically didn’t clear such excessive hurdles. Bilbao’s large samples, in distinction, afford me the posh to give attention to vital data solely. This nonetheless doesn’t imply that all the following symbolize unassailable details. When testing lots of matchups this manner, you’re liable to get a false constructive sooner or later. So let’s play a recreation right here: Whoever finds a “inexperienced jelly bean” first and mentions it in a remark, wins.

I’ll listing all vital matchups for every archetype, starting with Bilbao’s most performed deck and shifting down the recognition ranks from there. Extra pilots full extra matches, however this doesn’t essentially yield extra proof of considerably lopsided matchups. You’ll discover, for instance, that Tron, Shadow, and Valakut sport approach fewer of these than equally widespread archetypes.

Additionally remember that the listed matchup outcomes don’t mirror the totality of a deck’s efficiency. For that, seek advice from this useful desk, which exhibits the general win price (together with mirror matches) for the 19 decks with the very best variety of followers in Bilbao:

A table of played and win-rates by deck.

Izzet Phoenix went:

  • 10-Zero versus Elves (100%)
  • 12-Three versus Storm (80%)
  • 55-23 versus Hardened Scales (70.5%)
  • 43-66 versus Dredge (39.Four%)
  • 17-38 versus Whir Jail (30.9%)
  • 7-21 versus Hole One (25%)

I sorted these by win percentages (in parentheses), however observe that profitable 12 or extra out of 15 in a fair matchup is about 100 occasions extra possible than profitable 55 or extra out of 78. Although each qualify, with chances under 2% and under Zero.02%.

Additionally notable is how Izzet Phoenix’s favorable matchups examine with the unfavorable. Elves and Storm are area of interest decks these days, whereas Dredge, Whir, and Hole One all have been among the many 17 hottest archetypes in Bilbao. This means individuals could also be adapting to Izzet Phoenix’s dominant place inside the metagame.

Some decks have proven themselves able to adapting too. At GP Los Angeles, Izzet Phoenix had gained 11 of 15 recorded matches towards Purple-Inexperienced Valakut and beat Spirits 16-Four. In Bilbao, nevertheless, Izzet Phoenix went 36-28 towards Spirits (a win fee of 56% as an alternative of 80%) and 25-27 towards Purple-Inexperienced Valakut (48% as an alternative of 73%). Not one of the new info permits us to be assured that both deck is at any benefit in any respect, whereas beforehand we might have at the least declared Spirits an underdog.

Trendy hasn’t turned the nook but, and we definitely can’t flip the web page on Izzet Phoenix. The deck nonetheless gained 55% of its 1,406 non-mirror matches in Bilbao. An precise 50% deck wins this a lot or extra with a chance of solely Zero.007%. So, in true 007 style, the blue and pink banner chook continues to be going to be the strongest weapon in her majesty’s arsenal when the perfect gamers fly to London later this month. However we’ve some trigger for optimism that it gained’t be all Phoenix all the best way.

Burn went:

  • 6-Zero versus Storm (100%)
  • 20-33 versus Shadow (37.7%)
  • 11-22 versus Affinity (33.Three%)
  • 6-17 versus Whir Jail (26.1%)
  • 9-33 versus People (21.Four%)
  • 2-11 versus Advert Nauseam (15.Four%)
  • 1-Eight versus Eldrazi and Taxes (11.1%)

Burn’s efficiency has stopped being embarrassing way back. Now it’s merely miserable. And these are simply the statistically vital outcomes beneath the standards outlined above. Decreasing our requirements doesn’t assist Burn’s case both. Positive, the deck gained 9 of twelve matches towards Infect, however extra vital is that it went 16-27 towards Dredge.

The Rock went:

  • 9-21 versus People (30%)
  • Eight-19 versus Hardened Scales (29.6%)
  • 5-14 versus Hole One (26.Three%)
  • 6-19 versus Affinity (24%)

The Rock, then again, did embarrass itself in Bilbao. It sported the second lowest win fee general, solely undercut by Mr. Burn’s. Historically, the midrange technique was referred to as an all-rounder, however right here this meant dropping throughout.

I went in search of favorable matchups within the much less vital territory and located some hope in a 14-6 report versus Advert Nauseam. Alas, then I discovered a 36-51 document versus Izzet Phoenix. Fortuitously, Rock fared a lot better than Jund within the battle towards Tron. Sadly, it nonetheless misplaced 24 of 41 matches versus Urza lands.

Tron itself, the fourth most represented deck in Bilbao, went:

  • 11-1 versus Jund (91.7%)
  • Three-12 versus Whir Jail (20%)

It didn’t profit or endure from many excessive matchups, proving as soon as once more that a turn-Three Karn Liberated can beat absolutely anything.

Shadow went:

  • 5-Zero versus Blue Valakut (100%)
  • 33-20 versus Burn (62.Three%)

No single unfavorable matchup was unfavourable sufficient to succeed in statistical significance, however elsewhere Shadow accrued 18 extra complete losses than wins. This itself isn’t statistically vital both, nevertheless it leaves a maximally middling general efficiency.

Dredge went:

  • 9-Zero versus Jeskai Management (100%)
  • 18-7 versus White-Blue Management (72%)
  • 66-43 versus Izzet Phoenix (60.6%)
  • 1-7 versus Advert Nauseam (12.5%)

Dredge beating White-Blue in addition to the kindred Jeskai lends additional credibility to the notion that it’s exhausting to regulate the undead. And it appears notably more durable with out Terminus.

People went:

  • 12-2 versus Advert Nauseam (85.7%)
  • 33-9 versus Burn (78.6%)
  • 21-9 versus Rock (70%)
  • 6-18 versus Affinity (25%)

White-Blue Management went:

  • 6-Zero versus Jund (100%)
  • 7-18 versus Dredge (28%)

Spirits went:

  • 5-Zero versus Mill (100%)
  • Three-10 versus Hardened Scales (23.1%)
  • 2-9 versus Affinity (18.2%)

Hardened Scales went:

  • 6-Zero versus Hole One (100%)
  • 7-1 versus Jund (87.5%)
  • 10-Three versus Spirits (76.9%)
  • 19-Eight versus Rock (70.Four%)
  • 23-55 versus Izzet Phoenix (29.5%)
  • Three-13 versus Advert Nauseam (18.Eight%)

A few weeks in the past, I reported that Hardened Scales beat White-Blue Management 5-1 in recorded matches at GP Los Angeles. This brought on widespread outcry about how unfortunate and unlikely such a outcome was. Nicely, in Bilbao Hardened Scales dutifully misplaced 14 of 20 matches towards White-Blue, and certainly this bears extra statistical significance than the sooner 5-1. Be happy to really feel vindicated.

Pink-Inexperienced Valakut went…

  • …about even, each general in addition to in each single matchup.

Affinity went:

  • 7-1 versus Jund (87.5%)
  • 9-2 versus Spirits (81.Eight%)
  • 19-6 versus Rock (76%)
  • 18-6 versus People (75%)
  • 22-11 versus Burn (66.7%)

Whir Jail went:

  • 5-Zero versus Eldrazi (100%)
  • 12-Three versus Tron (80%)
  • 17-6 versus Burn (73.9%)
  • 38-17 versus Izzet Phoenix (69.1%)

This marks the top of the train, as a result of going by means of additional decks’ matchups would solely repeat info already listed above. And it’s a candy notice upon which to finish too, as a result of no deck did higher than Whir Jail in Bilbao, and no different deck did so properly towards three of the highest 5 archetypes.

Truly, let’s disregard good practices for a second and evaluation some extra of Whir’s full two-day efficiency. The deck went:

  • Three-Zero versus Infect
  • 2-Zero versus Martyr of Sands
  • 1-Zero versus Eight Rack
  • 1-Zero versus Amulet Titan
  • 1-Zero versus Elves
  • 1-Zero versus Faeries
  • 1-Zero versus Grishoalbrand
  • 1-Zero versus Dwelling Finish
  • 1-Zero versus Merfolk
  • 1-Zero versus Mill
  • 1-Zero versus Zoo
  • 5-1 versus Hole One
  • Four-1 versus Purple Phoenix
  • Three-1 versus Shadow Zoo
  • Eight-Four versus Dredge
  • Four-2 versus White-Blue Management
  • Four-2 versus Hardened Scales
  • Three-2 versus Jund
  • 10-Eight versus Spirits
  • Eight-7 versus Affinity
  • 6-6 versus People
  • 2-2 versus Advert Nauseam
  • 2-2 versus Pink-Inexperienced Valakut
  • 1-1 versus Demise and Taxes
  • 7-10 versus Rock
  • Eight-12 versus Shadow
  • Zero-1 versus Devoted Vizier
  • Zero-1 versus Eldrazi and Taxes
  • Zero-1 versus Esper Vengeance
  • Zero-2 versus Storm
  • Zero-2 versus Sultai Reclamation
  • Zero-Three versus Jeskai Management
  • Zero-Three versus Pink Jail

This consists of each even remotely actual Trendy deck, and all of it might as nicely boil right down to variance. Nevertheless it’s a powerful unfold nonetheless, with profitable data in 20 and dropping data in 9 matchups. We’re sure to get extra dependable info quickly, as extra individuals decide up Whir Jail and full extra matches. This in flip might even put a spoke into the whirling wheels right here, as a result of extra individuals will probably be acquainted with Whir and should have the wherewithal to beat it.

A chart of significant matchups between GP Bilabo's 17 most popular decks.

Click on to enlarge.

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