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Expect War of the Spark to Have a Huge Impact on Modern, Legacy, and Vintage

Karn, the Great Creator

Struggle of the Spark is shaping as much as be a strong Magic set—a lot in order that I maintain wishing I might play at Mythic Championship London. It’s not widespread for a Normal set to affect Trendy and Legacy, however there are a selection of Warfare of the Spark playing cards which have a great probability of seeing play within the older codecs. At present, I’m going to speak about a few of the playing cards which have caught my eye particularly for Trendy and Legacy:

Karn, the Nice Creator

Stony Silence is likely one of the strongest sideboard playing cards in Trendy—it’s robust versus Affinity, Lantern, Hardened Scales, and a few attracts from Tron. The issue is that it’s white, so not everybody can play it, and symmetrical, so in case you are one among these decks, you definitely can’t play it.

With Karn, the Nice Creator, now you’ll be able to. Being one-sided and colorless means Karn is usually a good bullet to Historic Stirrings for out of a Tron deck. It’s not as efficient towards Affinity (since that’s the one deck you need to stunt their mana improvement, they usually can assault it), nevertheless it’s arguably higher versus decks like Lantern because the go-to reply for one of these impact is Nature’s Declare.

Karn’s plus capability is nearly irrelevant, however it’s value noting that it kills Zero-cost artifacts. Mana artifacts aren’t going to be very related to kill (since they will’t faucet for mana anyway), however killing Chalice of the Void could be very good. The minus means can also be slender however might be fairly good. You’re in all probability not going to maindeck Karn, so it’s not such as you’re going to have entry to any tremendous bullets you in any other case wouldn’t (since you possibly can have simply sided them in), however you might, for instance, sideboard in two or three Karns after which have extra entry to a card you solely have a replica of. You would sideboard out a fourth copy of a related card, after which you’ll be able to seek for it, or you might end up in a spot the place you bought one among your key playing cards hit by the at present common Surgical Extraction, after which you might have quick access to it.

There’s additionally the brand new hottest combo on the block to think about—Karn, the Nice Creator + Mycosynth Lattice. When you have each of those in play, your opponent is locked out of enjoying spells for the remainder of the sport, since all their permanents are artifacts they usually can’t faucet any lands to generate mana. The perfect half is that you simply don’t even should play Mycosynth Lattice in your primary deck, since Karn can simply seek for it from the sideboard, so all you’re utilizing up is one sideboard slot. This combo might appear to be a meme, nevertheless it might additionally simply have aggressive purposes, particularly in decks like Tron that may assemble each items in play by flip three comparatively simply (all you want is Karn on flip three and Tron, or Karn + Tron + Tower on flip four).

Liliana’s Triumph

Liliana's Triumph - Foil Open House Promo

As a basic rule, edict results are higher in older codecs than in Commonplace. In Legacy, for instance, True-Identify Nemesis, Marit Lage, and Emrakul are playing cards you routinely need to kill, and Edicts do this whereas regular spot removing doesn’t. Diabolic Edict already sees play in Legacy, and Liliana’s Triumph is only a higher model of that. Even if in case you have no Lilianas, it’s nonetheless higher, because it dodges Leyline of Sanctity and Leovold (because it doesn’t goal). It’s even higher than that, although, because the decks that at present play Diabolic Edict additionally play Lilianas, which suggests they get a free discard that may even be forged in the course of the opponent’s draw step, because it’s an prompt.

One other place for Liliana’s Triumph is Eight-Rack, which is one other deck that’s within the impact and at present runs Lilianas. Talking of Eight-Rack:

Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage

Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage

I’m not an enormous fan of the Eight-Rack archetype, however, for the people who find themselves, Davriel, Rogue Shadowmage is an effective match. Assuming your opponent can’t simply kill it, it’s going to make them discard two playing cards after which ultimately it’s going to kill them—it’s not as quick as the opposite racks, however it has a lot stronger utility, because it doubles up as enabler and win situation. You’re in all probability not enjoying 4, however I might see two or three (it’s not even that dangerous in multiples as you’ll be able to money the opposite in for the third card, however your opponent does run out of playing cards fairly shortly so this has diminishing returns), which could imply we get to 10- or 11-Rack.

Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

In Normal, Tomik is a 2/three flying legend for two, which could be fairly good in the appropriate deck. In Legacy, it’s an excellent hate card towards particularly lands and different Darkish Depths decks. If Tomik is in play, the Lands participant can’t Wasteland/Port/Ghost Quarter you (however you’ll be able to nonetheless do this to them), they can’t copy something with Thespian’s Stage (which suggests no Marit Lage), they usually can’t forged Life from the Loam. It additionally has three toughness, which suggests it survives one rotation of Punishing Hearth. Merely put, if this card stays in play, it’s virtually inconceivable for a Lands participant to win.

Not everybody can or needs to play a WW 2/three flyer, however Demise and Taxes might—the deck is usually out there for a flyer anyway, and it’s not that a lot worse than Serra Avenger. It’s unlucky that it doesn’t get searched by Recruiter of the Guard, so you possibly can’t simply jam one in your sideboard as a bullet, however I feel it’s nonetheless a strong sideboard card and a satisfactory main-deck choice relying on the sector you anticipate.

Dreadhorde Arcanist

Dreadhorde Arcanist

In Commonplace, Dreadhorde Arcanist is probably going a card for “pump” decks—you need to be casting the likes of Collision/Colossus on it. In Trendy, nevertheless, there are sufficient low cost spells value flashing again that it could possibly stand out by itself. Not solely can we get the standard suspects—Thoughtseize, Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, Deadly Push—however we additionally get to flashback Ancestral Imaginative and prescient! (Although that one does want some assist going to the graveyard, until it’s later within the recreation.) There are numerous decks in Trendy that play little or no removing (e.g., Spirits, People, Affinity, Hardened Scales, Elves, Firm combo decks), so having a 2-drop that doubles up on all of your removing spells could be fairly helpful.



In Normal, Neoform will typically be used for its +1/+1 counter as a lot as for its tutor means—getting a Progress-Chamber Guardian or a Sharktocrab and triggering their talents. In Trendy, the +1/+1 counter is much less related, however the tutor half is a lot better, since there are extra two-card combos so that you can seize.

The apparent place for Neoform is the Devoted Druid/Vizier of Cures combo. It doesn’t allow you to sacrifice a redundant piece to seek out one other, however it does allow you to sacrifice a 1-drop to seek out both combo piece, and this deck performs one million mana creatures anyway. On prime of that, for those who do have the combo assembled and have Neoform, then it may be used to get Rhonas to win the sport instantly.

Is Neoform higher than Eldritch Evolution? I’m unsure, nevertheless it definitely might be. It’s cheaper, and it doesn’t exile itself, which suggests it may “loop” with playing cards like Everlasting Witness. It may additionally be good along with Eldritch Evolution, relying on how your deck is constructed.

Dovin’s Veto

Dovin's Veto

Dovin’s Veto is clearly an improve to Negate, so it’s solely a matter of whether or not you’ll be able to afford the fee or not. In Normal, decks like WW/u definitely can, and can make the swap. In Legacy, individuals don’t often play Negate anyway, and I don’t assume having it’s uncounterable will change that. In Trendy, it’s not so easy. There are decks like Jeskai, U/W, and probably Spirits that do play Negate, they usually may change to Dovin’s Veto, however my inclination is that it’s not value it. There simply aren’t sufficient playing cards your opponent can be making an attempt to pressure via with countermagic of their very own (it may well’t even counter Titan via Pact of Negation) to justify the truth that playing cards like Subject of Break and Mutavault don’t forged it.

Angrath’s Rampage

Angrath's Rampage

Very similar to Liliana’s Triumph, Angrath’s Rampage is best in older codecs, the place the truth that it doesn’t goal is a much bigger upside (due to playing cards like True-Identify Nemesis, and so on). In Trendy, it may be used as a pseudo-Dreadbore (it can virtually all the time kill a planeswalker, however not all the time a creature. It does kill Ulamog, although!), nevertheless it has the additional advantage of destroying playing cards like Aether Vial towards People, Oblivion Stone towards Tron, or Chalice of the Void towards Eldrazi Tron. The most important situation I’ve with it in Trendy is that the artifacts you actually need to destroy (Ensnaring Bridge, Chalice of the Void from Whir) are sometimes untouchable by Angrath’s Rampage, as these decks will all the time have a Mox Opal, Darksteel Citadel, or Mishra’s Bauble of some type to guard them, however I feel it might nonetheless see play as a result of it’s so versatile.

In Legacy, I feel it’s even higher, as there are lots of decks that play highly effective artifacts however aren’t artifact decks (plus, the edict half is best), and there are arguably extra planeswalkers. Legacy is a format the place individuals do play Chalice of the Void with no plethora of different artifacts to insulate it, they usually additionally play Batterskull, Jitte, and even Goblin Charbelcher or Lion’s Eye Diamond. For less than 2 mana, this card could be very versatile, and it’s virtually assured to see play someplace.

Saheeli, Chic Artificer

Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

Saheeli, Chic Artificer is a little bit of a curveball. Initially, I anticipated her to set off on artifacts and to make Thopters. As an alternative, she triggers on noncreatures and makes Servos. This makes her fairly a bit higher in Everlasting codecs, the place Monastery Mentor and Younger Pyromancer are generally performed.

In comparison with these two creatures, Saheeli has some upsides and a few downsides (and right here I’m going to low cost her second means, however when you can copy one thing good, hey, I assume she will get higher). In Legacy, Swords to Plowshares, Deadly Push, Diabolic Edict, Kolaghan’s Command, and Lightning Bolt are all tremendous widespread, so a number of decks play extra removing than methods to assault planeswalkers, which suggests she is perhaps a lot more durable to kill than a creature. On prime of that, she is (probably) mono-blue, which suggests she could be slotted in U/B decks that wouldn’t have entry to both of the opposite two and, extra importantly, she pitches for Drive of Will. She does value three mana, which is greater than Younger Pyromancer, and is a slower clock than each of the creatures, however that doesn’t actually matter if she will dominate the sport. At three mana, she competes principally with True-Identify Nemesis, and I feel there will probably be conditions the place it’s higher than the Merfolk, which is sort of spectacular contemplating how good True-Identify Nemesis is.

Bolas’s Citadel

Bolas's Citadel

Now that is the toughest card to guage for me. It’s principally an Advert Nauseam that makes the whole lot free, however in the event you hit two lands it’s a must to cease until you’ve got playing cards like Brainstorm, Ponder and Preordain, which you possible will. My inclination is that Advert Nauseam continues to be more likely to be higher, however I could possibly be very incorrect and this card might simply be damaged. There may even be a “Goblin Charbelcher” type of deck that performs only a few lands and makes use of all of the black rituals as a approach of powering this out. This card can also be probably highly effective sufficient to see play in Classic, since it’s an artifact and might be Tinkered out.

General, I feel that’s various playing cards that may see play in older codecs (even the oldest of them!), which is fairly uncommon for a Normal set, and we’re actually solely midway by means of it. More often than not they spoil the great playing cards first, however this time round they’re going by story order, so there might undoubtedly be goodies to return, and I sit up for see how the format shapes up after MC London.

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