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The 10 Cards I’m Most Excited About in War of the Spark (So Far)


Honorable Point out: Angrath’s Rampage

Angrath's Rampage

There’s been plenty of speak about Liliana’s Triumph, and I haven’t seen a lot about Angrath’s Rampage. It might be a attain so as to add this one to my record, however I needed a spot for it. I feel it has an opportunity to be a format staple. Angrath’s Rampage isn’t an on the spot, however its versatility makes it really feel prefer it’s a greater card than Liliana’s Triumph to me. The power to cope with one thing like a Carnage Tyrant with its Diabolic Edict mode is essential, but in addition provides us low cost interplay for a planeswalker or artifact. Playing cards just like the Immortal Solar, Sorcerous Spyglass, and Treasure Map see play, and having your 2-mana removing cowl that base jogs my memory of Abrade. Whereas this card is probably not higher than Bedevil, it’s in the identical dialog and requires much less black mana, so a light-weight splash can afford to play this card when it could actually’t play Bedevil. This card gained’t be too sluggish towards aggro decks like Bedevil, as typically killing something on flip 2 can flip a loss right into a win.

10) Feather, the Redeemed/Dreadhorde Arcanist

Dreadhorde ArcanistFeather, the Redeemed

Okay, I’m dishonest right here with two playing cards however I see these playing cards going type of side-by-side. Each of those play nicely along with low cost pump spells. We additionally see Tenth District Legionnaire, which is actually a Battlewise Hoplite with haste. All of those playing cards type what could possibly be a brand new Commonplace Heroic deck. We additionally get a bunch of cut up playing cards like Collision // Colossus, Integrity // Intervention, Thrash // Menace, and Reckless Rage that would play on this type of deck. All of those playing cards work nicely collectively and might be the core of a pleasant Boros Heroic deck in Commonplace. I sometimes don’t like these sorts of decks, however this particular model of it looks like it might have some endurance. With Sheltering Mild as a Gods Prepared to guard these threats, this deck may very well have some legs.

9) Ral’s Outburst

Ral's Outburst

I keep in mind the times of enjoying with Prophetic Bolt, they usually have been superb. Ral’s Outburst is toned down, nevertheless it’s nonetheless a powerful card. Ral’s Outburst will permit us to play instant-speed Magic, discover out if we need to counter one thing, and if not, kill a Jadelight Ranger, accrue some worth, and provides us two playing cards within the graveyard to assist flip a Seek for Azcanta. This performs nicely alongside Ionize because the incidental injury can actually pile on, making a burn plan potential with a U/R Management type deck whereas not losing priceless assets. I don’t assume you’ll be seeing an excessive amount of of this card in a deck with Arclight Phoenix as Crackling Drake is occupying extra of your Four-mana slots, however it’s fascinating to play on flip Three after a Goblin Electromancer on 2 as nicely.

Ral’s Outburst has me excited to try Jeskai Management once more, and even straight U/R Management.

eight) Fblthp, the Misplaced

Fblthp, the Lost

What I consider initially began as a WotC meme has come to life in a reasonably candy card. Known as the blue Elvish Visionary, I’m principally fascinated by particularly that high quality. The additional advantage of placing it into play out of your deck is fairly scarce and irrelevant for my part. A 2-mana legend that replaces itself is the right sort of card to have round for a card like Mox Amber or the “legends-matter” playing cards like Karn’s Temporal Sundering. Playing cards like that want an enormous important mass on all spots on the curve and Fblthp, the Misplaced will present simply that.

Fblthp, the Misplaced may also assist a card like Prime Speaker Vannifair lastly see some Constructed play. With Neoform kicking round, there’s sufficient redundancy to construct round. Neoforming away your Fblthp to get Vannifar, or simply sacrificing a Llanowar Elves to get a 2/2 that pulls two playing cards isn’t a horrible use in a pinch.

Fblthp, the Misplaced is probably an important position participant in some decks that wanted a bit assist and I hope it does sufficient to push these decks excessive.

7) Augur of Bolas

Augur of Bolas

I performed numerous video games in best-of-one Commonplace the place I wanted Augur of Bolas in my Esper Management deck as a strategy to stabilize the board towards a few 2/1s or to purchase me sufficient time towards a flipped Legion’s Touchdown that I’m loving the thought of together with a few Augur of Bolas in Esper Management. Or Azorius Management, with its new sweeper Time Wipe that might profit from having a worth creature to return. Whereas it’s true that if Augur of Bolas is your solely creature in play it’ll typically simply eat up a removing spell, it nonetheless takes time on your opponent to make use of their in any other case lifeless removing, and progressing the sport longer in a management deck is usually to your profit. I feel Augur of Bolas will play a reasonably necessary position in Commonplace shifting ahead.

6) Dreadhorde Invasion

Dreadhorde Invasion

Let me get this began by saying that that is no Bitterblossom. Let me additionally say that this isn’t Fretwork Colony. Whereas the cardboard feels just like each its true power is someplace in between.

Fretwork Colony is a one-shot deal. It dies, that’s it, it’s gone. Dreadhorde Invasion provides you a menace when there isn’t one, and piles on to the one which’s there when there’s. Towards management decks that may’t take away enchantments, perhaps Grixis colours, this will probably be a troublesome nut to crack, continually producing a menace to handle. Whereas Bitterblossom goes broad, Dreadhorde Invasion primarily provides each set off past the primary haste. Your creature that’s already in play will develop and have the ability to assault.

Bitterblossom is definitely higher, however one factor I’ve observed about this Normal format is a scarcity of high quality 2-drops. This isn’t Scrapheap Scrounger, however 2-drops that require costlier solutions are a great way to snowball a bonus. I’m excited to check out Dreadhorde Invasion in numerous aggressive decks, but in addition probably as a sideboard card out of midrange decks.

5) Mobilized District

Mobilized District

In a world dominated by planeswalkers, it’s very nice to have creaturelands round to threaten planeswalkers. Enjoying Teferi on 5 minus’ing on a menace, and untapping to imagine full management is far much less probably if there’s a creatureland ready to punish that line. I really feel as if one thing just like Mobilized District ought to virtually be evergreen in Normal for this particular cause. Mobilized District does this at a deck constructing value of together with a colorless land in your deck moderately than a twin land just like the previous creaturelands. The upside of costing much less to activate is simply gravy, however I feel we’ll see decks that may afford colorless land enjoying a pair copies of Mobilized District, particularly if management decks with planeswalkers are an enormous factor.

Creaturelands as all the time work nice in management decks as methods to shut the sport. Perhaps we’ll see some straight U/W Management utilizing a few Mobilized Districts as win circumstances as an alternative of getting rounds upon rounds go to time due to Teferi tucking itself.

Four) Saheeli, Chic Artificer

Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

Studying Saheeli we discover that it doesn’t solely set off for instants and sorceries—it additionally triggers for any noncreature spell. Casting this on flip Three, following it up with a Mox Amber right into a cantrip, or an affordable artifact, you’ll get 2 tokens instantly. Saheeli has a reasonably excessive beginning loyalty at 5, however her largest draw back is her lack of ability so as to add to her loyalty. Should you curve Saheeli into Karn, you’ll get a Servo in your hassle.

I might see this card having a house in Commonplace Arclight Phoenix decks to abuse with cantrips, and even in Trendy as a sideboard alternate win situation that avoids graveyard hate. This feels a bit flimsy because the Servo tokens don’t have flying, however it’s extra resilient than a Younger Pyromancer.

Alternatively I’d like to see Saheeli constructed with Mox Amber in Commonplace alongside Karn, Scion of Urza in an artifact-based worth deck that makes use of low cost artifacts to make large Constructs whereas additionally creating Servos. This deck might additionally benefit from copying an artifact, however there’s not too many nice artifacts in Commonplace proper now, so copying a Karn Assemble to get in for deadly at present seems like the most effective software of that potential. I don’t assume there are too many nice creatures to repeat both. That stated, in a deck like Izzet Drakes, we might copy a Crackling Drake and instantly swing with our Servo left in play for deadly, which is an thrilling upside of the cardboard.

Goblin Chainwhirler will probably be an enormous thorn within the aspect of Saheeli, however with a couple of much less of these operating round than regular I’m excited to construct some decks with Saheeli.

Three) Bloodbath Woman

Massacre Girl

This card is simply unimaginable as a 5-mana creature that, in plenty of conditions, comes into play and blows up each different creature on the battlefield. This card slaughters aggro decks, as she comes down and blows up the board whereas additionally producing a blocker or menace to show the nook with, at simply 5 mana. It wasn’t too way back that we had 5-mana sorcery sweepers with not a lot upside. Now we’re attaching them to Four/Four creatures.

One factor that’s candy about Bloodbath Woman is that you could be truly need to embrace creatures in your deck together with her to pump up the numbers for the Bloodbath. One thing like a Nightfall Legion Zealot that may exchange itself however then additionally give Bloodbath Woman extra fodder. Llanowar Elves additionally performs an identical position, so I can definitely see together with a replica or two of Bloodbath Woman in Golgari. You usually don’t have that many creatures in play, this can be a full mana cheaper than Finality, whereas additionally supplying you with a goal to deliver again with Discover, and you’ll find it off of Vivien Reid. Bloodbath Woman goes to be absurd when it’s good, but in addition very weak towards management, making it a really nicely balanced card. I might see sideboarding a pair copies and primary decking a single copy in Golgari, swapping them in for the costlier spells like Vivien Reid or Carnage Tyrant towards aggro.

2) Teferi, Time Raveler

Teferi, Time Raveler

It’s unclear to me if Teferi, Time Raveler shall be a card we will important deck, however this card is horrifying for a management participant. The power to slam this on flip Three in a management mirror and depart an Esper Management opponent with out the power to make use of countermagic, or be reactive on the opponent’s flip is terrifying. Along with that, Teferi, Time Raveler will even give a Temur Reclamation participant matches. Wilderness Reclamation gained’t be too efficient if the additional mana it’s producing goes to waste each flip. With a excessive beginning loyalty at Three mana, it’ll be robust for purple spells to work together with this.

Teferi, Time Raveler does look weak to aggressive methods, appearing as a Crashing Tide at occasions, bouncing an opponent’s creature to attract a card and get picked off by no matter else is in play. This definitely makes it look fairly dangerous as a fundamental deck card, however I do assume Teferi shall be a trump for management decks. Teferi additionally looks like it might see play in Everlasting codecs as a Three-mana planeswalker that’s pretty excessive impression towards blue methods. I gained’t be stunned to see this in Legacy.

1) Liliana, Dreadhorde Common

Liliana, Dreadhorde General

Liliana, Dreadhorde Common seems to be the actual deal. Liliana has the power to run away with the sport, plus’ing into some creatures after which a back-breaking final. That’s simply on a transparent board. We’re used to planeswalkers that come into play to take out a single menace instantly. We’re not used to planeswalkers that may take out two threats on the flip it’s forged. This can be a massive deal. Liliana is an costly win situation that additionally performs like a sweeper in lots of situations. In case your opponent solely has a single menace in play you possibly can merely play Liliana, plus it, chump block, and draw a card. Should you depart two threats in play, Liliana takes them out on her personal, and nonetheless leaves a planeswalker behind. Leaving three threats in play to keep away from this sample will depart you weak to a standard sweeper like Kaya’s Wrath or Finality. I see Liliana as a possible top-end finisher in Commonplace Esper Management and a possible alternative in Golgari and Sultai for Carnage Tyrant or Vraska since it will probably cope with CarnyT by itself, and can help you money in a few of these extraneous early creatures like Merfolk Branchwalker and Llanowar Elves, and switch them into uncooked playing cards.

Liliana’s ceiling isn’t tremendous excessive, however her flooring could be very excessive and I anticipate to have to unravel the puzzle of find out how to greatest mess around Liliana in Warfare of the Spark Normal.

I’m actually impressed with Warfare of the Spark to date. The set has an extremely flavorful really feel to it and has been troublesome to guage on a card by card foundation as a result of the playing cards are all distinctive in their very own method. There are playing cards on this listing I’m enthusiastic about enjoying and constructing round, however might finally fall flat. For the primary time shortly my brewing juices have gotten flowing and I’m actually excited to see the complete set to get to work.

What’s your favourite card from Struggle of the Spark?

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