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The 8 Best Decks in Standard

Black-Green Undergrowth in Standard

Final week was full of thrilling information from Wizards and I’m nonetheless sifting via the chaos, making an attempt to know how my world has modified.

If I have been to pick one piece of data I consider will impression gamers probably the most shifting ahead it will 100% be that MTG Area’s position has been drastically expanded. The Professional Tour, or Mythic Problem, modifications are neat however will finally solely have an effect on Zero.01% of gamers at any given time. The truth that Area shall be a big a part of how nearly all of Magic gamers play, view, and expertise the sport is the definition of a recreation changer.

Area has already impacted my Magic expertise. I play greater than I’ve ever performed earlier than and I do it from the consolation of my own residence. It’s enjoyable and straightforward to play on stream, which signifies that I can benefit from the firm of others whereas I’m battling foes from my desktop! I see Area as one of many main methods I’ll play Magic shifting ahead and I’m glad to see it prominently featured.

With Area being such an enormous a part of Magic’s future it is sensible that Normal will tackle an enhanced position in 2019. I’m additionally glad to report that Commonplace is likely one of the greatest iterations of the format I’ve ever performed. How fortunate!

Whether or not you’re returning to Commonplace at your LGS to take pleasure in probably the greatest codecs of all time or on the lookout for that particular deck to craft with Area wild playing cards, as we speak’s article will paint a vivid portrait of a enjoyable and dynamic format.

Like many individuals, I’m obsessive about making lists. Once I hang around with buddies, we frequently craft and debate prime 10 lists of favourite songs, eating places, films, et cetera. I’ve talked about that this Normal format is likely one of the greatest ever and a serious purpose I discover the format so pleasurable is the wealth of viable methods to select from. One function I are likely to affiliate with weak codecs is a scarcity of variety. When one or two decks are head and shoulders higher than the remainder of the choices, it will get boring shortly. I’ve eight decks on at the moment’s record and every is a viable choice.

Not solely is there a variety of archetypes but in addition a large spectrum of the way to construct them. I’ll be discussing a number of the newest variations of those well-liked decks.

I’m not in search of controversy with the listing and determined to maintain the rating system easy and easy: I ranked them based mostly on their winner’s metagame proportion, however don’t fear—I’ll inform you what I actually consider every deck and we will talk about their relative strengths and weaknesses within the feedback under.

Mono-Blue Aggro rode a wave of hype early within the season after The Yellow Hatted One, Gabriel Nassif, completed second at a Grand Prix with it. The tide has largely gone out on this deck, however it’s nonetheless a viable selection if for no different purpose than it’s extraordinarily price range pleasant.

Mono-Blue was one of many first decks I used to be capable of construct on Area and it’s been a strong performer for me ever since. I nonetheless mud it off every now and then.

Mono-Blue Aggro

Ben Beydler, 4th place at a PPTQ

Individuals throw plenty of shade at this deck however I feel it’s truly higher than most give it credit score for. It’s an easy deck to play poorly, which doesn’t assist with unfair evaluations.

The deck additionally has a nut draw of “evasive creature + Curious Obsession + 1-mana safety,” darting into the purple zone on the second flip. It’s all the time good to have free wins, since whenever you play a deck sufficient occasions these occasional free wins begin to add up.

Widespread flex spot decisions embrace:

I like Ben’s full playset of Warkite Marauder fundamental deck. I’m an enormous fan of the cardboard. I’ve all the time performed a pair copies of Chart a Course essential, however it appears like he’s obtained them within the board for grindy matchups.

White Weenie was the speak of the city after the Professional Tour the place it was each halves of a mirror match finale.

There are numerous flavors of White Weenie that embrace a standard pink splash for sideboard Experimental Frenzy and Aurelia. I like and make the most of the sideboard frenzy however going mono-white can also be an choice (particularly for finances acutely aware builders and wild card savers). Even when the deck has Sacred Foundry, the giveaway that the record is White Weenie is 12+ 1-drops.

The purple splash appears to be the consensus favourite:

Boros White Weenie

Pierson Geyer, fifth place at SCG Basic

Pierson’s model intently resembles Andrew Elenbogen’s listing from the Professional Tour.

The opposite common construct of the deck makes use of Ajani’s Pridemate and Leonin Vanguard as a mondo combo and premium menace package deal.

I used to be stunned to see White Weenie right down to four% of the metagame. I do know my Ann Arbor pals performed the deck in Milwaukee and all three cashed with it, so it’s nonetheless very highly effective within the arms of a succesful pilot.

If I have been going with my intestine opinion, slightly than the numbers, I might rank White Weenie greater. It is likely one of the decks with which I get one of the best outcomes on Area. Additionally, it’s a well-liked selection on Area, the place I’d estimate it at a lot larger than four% of the metagame.

Two key causes for the slumping paper numbers: The Purple Deck Wins and The Rock matchups. Neither is as horrible by the numbers because it feels enjoying the video games. The linear nature of the deck makes it really feel fairly helpless whenever you fall behind and it doesn’t enhance a lot (if any) after sideboard.

Win quick and enjoyable—lose depressing. White Weenie is a numbers recreation and a strong selection.

Selesnya Tokens was a scorching deck out of the gates after the PT and has hung round to stay a strong selection. It goes greater than most decks can match and may current a devastating alpha strike by way of March of the Multitudes and Flourish.

Selesnya Tokens

Brad Greg, 1st place at a PPTQ

There are numerous methods to construct Selesnya, however I’m an enormous fan of the token builds. I discover they’re probably the most targeted.

There’s a big forged of characters that Selesnya can incorporate. Additionally it is a well-liked tactic to construct in an Angel package deal that helps enhance the deck’s weak spot to fast sweepers like Deafening Clarion and Golden Demise.

There’s a reasonably noticeable breakpoint between Selesnya’s 5% of the winner’s metagame to Izzet Drake’s 11%.

That is the one deck on the listing that I can’t and haven’t constructed on MTG Area. I one way or the other nonetheless solely have one Arclight Phoenix!

With that being stated, I do know little about constructing and enjoying from the Drakes aspect of the matchup, although I’ve performed towards it tons of of occasions. What I can inform you is that I’ve immense respect for the deck and it’s difficult to defeat as a result of it’s able to extraordinarily explosive turns.

I affiliate the deck with Owen Turtenwald as a result of he’s racked up some good finishes with it. The truth that he performs it tells me that it’s highly effective, since he by no means performs dangerous decks. In case you are the curious about enjoying the deck, I’d begin by studying the whole lot he’s written about it and doing every part he suggests.

Izzet Drakes

Andrew Vorel, 1st place at SCG Basic

Andrew Vorel additionally is aware of his method round Izzet Drakes! He earned himself a trophy on the SCG Basic with the deck.

I sometimes solely see Mystic after board from Drakes and I see he’s acquired it fundamental. I’ve additionally by no means seen Conjecture, which is a really cool piece of tech that makes me excited to money in some mythic wild playing cards to complete the deck.

Technically, we’ve received a 12% tie for third/4th place. Both means, I used to be stunned as a result of I assumed based mostly on my preferences and observations that it might be a agency 2nd place.

I’m a fan of the deck and have a whole lot of reps with it. It’s obtained clean mana and a bunch of nice playing cards that climb the ladder into the all the time busted Niv-Mizzet, Parun.

Burninating all of the peoples who stay in thatched roof cottages!

Nicely, until you’re Suzychuz and also you’re casually 5-Zero’ing with no Niv Mizzet in the primary deck! Wait, what!?

Jeskai Management

SUZYCHUZ, 1st place in an MTGO Aggressive League

Chopping the Niv-Mizzet and adopting a pure management position is a subsequent degree tactic, particularly when one considers that Niv is an unbelievably recreation breaking card. The Dragon is within the sideboard, presumably for the mirror the place it actually shines.

Additionally it is value noting that different builds have pushed far to the opposite finish of the spectrum. Adrian Sullivan’s Grand-Prix-winning deck pushed the Niv-Mizzet angle to the max… so inside the archetype it’s unclear, or at the very least left open to interpretation, precisely find out how to use the out there instruments to place oneself inside the metagame.

Do you need to be all Niv on a regular basis or do you need to be pretty Niv however solely after sideboard? The selection is yours.

I’m not capable of ask Suzychuz precisely why the deck is constructed the best way that it’s, however I might speculate that it’s a response to each Pink Deck Wins and The Rock. Niv is a bit of bit sluggish to the get together towards a burn deck. The Rock has one million methods to swat the Dragon as if it have been a fly.

There’s an entire vary of nice playing cards obtainable to the Jeskai monk. One facet of the format I respect is the big selection of playing cards which are playable even inside the preferred archetypes. It’s actually thrilling to make so many decisions when constructing even a recognized nice deck!

Good previous mono-red. Slayer of stumbling attracts. When requested, “who’s the beatdown?” RDW shortly solutions: ME!

Pink Deck Wins has been a continuing menace on this Commonplace format with out being oppressive and shutting the door on the remainder of the format. It’s a nuanced stability I recognize.

Pink Deck Wins

Pepeisra, 2nd place in an On-line PTQ

I’ve obtained to confess that this record received me fairly excited. It’s extra of a Massive Pink deck than what I anticipated once I clicked on the listing. I really like the synergy between Treasure Map and the large monsters like Siege-Gang Commander.

Once I take into consideration Purple Deck Wins, these are the normal playing cards that come to thoughts. The normal construct is the place the lion’s share of the 12% got here from. Once more, we see the sample the place main archetypes have a number of and sometimes far ranging variation of builds.

Like Jeskai and Pink Deck Wins, there’s a big selection of “Boros Aggro” decks that get lumped into one class. The cool factor is that Boros could be no matter you need it to be: a modern, low-to-the-ground beatdown machine or a regal, elite Angel deck.

Boros Angels

Paolo Alverez, 1st place at a PPTQ

Boros Angels is aggressive however it goes massive and wins with huge high quality threats backed up by strong removing. It has individually highly effective playing cards that may stabilize a board and dominate a recreation if answered by spot or mass removing.

It’s onerous for me to inform precisely how the distribution of Boros Aggro decks is laid out. There’s definitely a variety from very aggressive decks enjoying plenty of 1- and 2-drops to builds just like the one above going all the best way up the chain to Lyra and The Immortal Solar.

I used to be additionally shocked to see numerous Boros decks round 13% in second place, since I see far more RDW, White Weenie, Jeskai, and The Rock on MTG Area.

Right here’s an instance of a extra beatdown-oriented Boros Aggro deck:

Boros Aggro

Deniz Kara, 1st place at a PPTQ

There’s a variety of overlap with White Weenie, nevertheless it’s clearly totally different. It’s clearly a white and purple deck and never only a White Weenie deck splashing Frenzy. Nonetheless, the overall concept is analogous. Once more, we see a serious archetype with a excessive diploma of customization.

Properly, it in all probability doesn’t come as an excessive amount of a shock by this level that The Rock is on prime. At a whopping 23% of the metagame The Rock has created separation from the remainder of the pack and is for my part the most effective deck in Commonplace.

It’s necessary to make the excellence that greatest deck doesn’t imply solely deck. However The Rock is clearly the deck to beat proper now and shaping a whole lot of the metagame developments round making an attempt to realize an edge towards it.

Earlier than I get to the record, I’d like so as to add one of many causes we’ve begun to see a few of the counter-intuitive builds featured in as we speak’s article are a response to The Rock’s substantial 23% chunk of the winner’s metagame. When 1 in four opponents are rocking out, it is sensible to hedge towards midrange Golgari decks.

The Rock

Greenman11, 1st place in an On-line PTQ

I actually like this record. Whereas we’ve seen weird warped Pink Deck Wins, Jeskai, and Boros decks performing nicely this week, The Rock deck that gained the PTQ could be very “inventory” The Rock.

Different decks are warping themselves to beat The Rock and Golgari Mages are getting much more in contact with their inside Vraska!

Whereas I do consider that I’ve highlighted one of the best archetypes within the format, the larger theme I hoped as an example is that there’s a ton of customization amongst lists. There are lots of choices and much more choices relating to how you can put them collectively.

I selected to rank the decks in my countdown based mostly on their place within the winner’s metagame, quite than based mostly on my opinion as a result of I truthfully don’t assume there’s a huge distinction in a single archetype over one other. The benefit comes from discovering considerate methods to realize an edge in numerous matchups, which I’ve tried to spotlight with a few of the lists I’ve chosen.

Whereas The Rock seems to be the preferred deck, it isn’t dominating and pushing the opposite decks out. It’s well-liked, however savvy followers of different archetypes have been capable of finding artistic options to push again towards a Rock-heavy area.

How would you rank these decks based mostly in your private choice and play expertise? Let me know within the feedback under. I hope you all are having fun with the format as a lot as I’m! It’s a particular second in Magic historical past. It’s really an excellent format.

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