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The Top 10 Ravnica Flops of All-Time

The Top 10 Ravnica Flops of All-Time

One facet of spoiler season I really like is that there are a whole lot of playing cards and none of their futures are but written. No one has performed these playing cards in a event, and it’s anyone’s guess as to which of them have a shiny future and that are sure for bulk bins.

#MTGRNA has tons of playing cards I’m excited to play. So many, in truth, that it appears unlikely that they may all pan out as Constructed staples. BO1 has opened up more room for playing cards to serve a task, however inevitably some playing cards will flop.

The connection between preliminary hype and eventual fizzle led me to in the present day’s matter: the 10 most notorious flops from earlier Ravnica units. Anticipate a enjoyable stroll down nostalgia lane, nevertheless it’s additionally a deeper take a look at why we misevaluate playing cards and how one can keep away from making the identical errors sooner or later.

Ravnica is one among my favourite planes in Magic (second solely to Dominaria). It’s all the time a deal with to Return to the place the place the mana fixing is plentiful and the spells are product of gold!

With that being stated, there have been a number of infamous duds. Nicely, maybe infamous is an overstatement since most of those spells ended up being forgettable. Hopefully, you didn’t get suckered in by too many playing cards on this listing, however in case you did, at the very least it makes a superb story.

#10. Progenitor Mimic – Dragon’s Maze

Dragon’s Maze was an easy set and it had far more hidden gems than let downs. The set had fewer alternatives to stake a declare to idiot’s gold than others.

It may possibly at the least copy a card that doesn’t suck? I assume?

I assumed this card had critical purposes. I had visions of manufacturing Thragtusk and Acidic Slime tokens. In actuality, it acquired countered or stolen by Olivia. Is there any metric by which this was a greater 6-drop than Aetherling?

Why it flopped: Progenitor Mimic was a “dangerous one thing else.” On this case, Aetherling.

#9. Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind – Guildpact

Niv-Mizzet is one other private one. Proper right down to the flavour textual content, this card spoke to a facet of enjoying Magic that I take pleasure in. It might be the “greatest” card on my record because it had some success in Commander paired with Ophidian Eye.

So far as Constructed outcomes, let’s say I spent loads of time hooked on U/R Snow management decks…

“Say hiya to my little good friend!”

I had an issue.

Why it flopped: Let me rely the methods… it lacked help and didn’t match into the established Izzet decks, Magnivore, or Tron. There have been a lot of nice removing spells (Putrefy and Mortify). Additionally, Remand.

#eight. Lyzolda, the Blood Witch – Dissension

Lyzolda rightfully received numerous hype. Even after a decade of serious energy creep I might windmill slam this card in a Draft.

In reality, it was much more highly effective in its day as a result of fight injury nonetheless used the stack, which probably turned creatures into Three-for-1s. To not point out, you possibly can use the power to sacrifice creatures to maintain an opponent from getting Jitte counters.

Why it flopped: Context! The “hellbent” mechanic was horrible, which meant the cardboard didn’t get loads of strong help. A mechanic that gives marginal upside for operating your self out of choices? No thanks. The cardboard did have purposes towards Jitte however finally R/B was not one of the best Jitte deck and 1-toughness creatures have been an enormous “no-no.”

#7. Armada Wurm – Return to Ravnica

I’ll confess—I speculated on this card and that retailer credit score is mud within the wind.

“Open a can of wurms.”

Armada Wurm is numerous trampling energy and toughness for an excellent fee. The token additionally performs nicely with Repopulate. Nonetheless, unplayable.

Why it flopped: Context. I can do that or I can play Thragtusk. Additionally, as soon as Lifebane Zombie turned a factor there was principally zero purpose to attempt to make this dream occur. Regardless of energy creep, I feel this card would have made a much bigger impression in present Commonplace than it did in RTR.

#6. Plague Boiler – Ravnica

It was an easier time and other people have been legitimately enthusiastic about Plague Boiler. It was heralded because the “new Pernicious Deed.”

Sickly, feeble tech.

The similarities are purely beauty: Golgari sweepers. In apply, Boiler is sluggish, mana intensive, and doesn’t instantly impression the board in most conditions. Sluggish and clunky aren’t hallmarks of nice playing cards.

Why it flopped: Plague Boiler fell into the lure of being “the brand new X.” On this case, Pernicious Deed. Individuals remembered how a lot success that they had enjoying Deed and needed to duplicate it with an identical card. The issue was that this card was many ranges worse.

#5. Duskmantle Seer – Gatecrash

Lots of people paid $10+ for Duskmantle Seers that by no means panned out.

I seer potential.

It’s an excellent price for what you get. A four/four flyer that provides you a Darkish Confidant flip was pushed. It hits onerous, blocks nicely, and attracts playing cards! How do I lose?

Why it flopped: Context. It didn’t have a great deck to enter in a golden age of actually busted decks. If a robust card didn’t have an incredible deck it was unplayable. Thragtusk Jund, Mono-Blue, Sphinx’s Rev, Pack Rat, Aristocrats, Birthing Pod, Twin, and Mono-Pink are all examples of decks that floated round on this period. Would you need to faucet out for a four/four on four towards any of these decks? Neither did anyone else.

#four. Lotleth Troll – Return to Ravnica

In case you are a daily reader of my content material you recognize that I’ve obtained a crush on Lotleth Troll. It’s my white whale. The cardboard is so cool and has nice stats.

“It’s solely good ‘in your head, in your head, zombie… zombie…’”

I’m cussed about sure issues and certainly one of them is that this card. I simply can’t consider it’s as dangerous as its lot-leth in life suggests. I really feel like Tim describing the killer rabbit once I speak about it:

“He’s obtained big, sharp– eh– he can leap about– take a look at the bones!”

Significantly, take a look at the stats, typing, and potential for enabling graveyard methods! How is that this card so dangerous!?

Why it flopped: 100% variance. The cardboard is superb however everyone who performs it may possibly get unfortunate each single time.

Three. Rakdos Augermage – Dissension

Individuals paid some huge cash for the privilege of enjoying with one of the overhyped playing cards I’ve ever seen.

“Nice taste. Enjoying with this card makes me need to drill my very own mind out.”

The cardboard is so dangerous. I don’t even know what else to say. You pay Three mana and wait a flip. Then you definitely faucet it. You discard a card of their selection. They discard a card of your selection. Sorcery velocity.

I keep in mind considering to myself as I shuffled my Niv-Mizzet deck: “These individuals do not know how one can consider playing cards.”

Why it flopped: As a result of it was dangerous.

#2. Dimir Cutpurse – Ravnica

I’ve acquired a tender spot for Cutpurse. I performed it on the first Professional Tour I ever certified for. I someway did not make Day 2. Variance.

I randomly certified by profitable an Prolonged PTQ and performed zero Normal on the time (I virtually conceded for the field within the finals). One among my pals constructed me a brew (I specified I needed to play Cutpurse). I playtested zero video games. Principally, I needed to go to the seashore and commerce for Japanese foils.

What a time to be alive!

With that being stated, Cutpurse seemed like it will be an impressive Constructed card. I imply, Ophidian was a format defining staple and Cutpurse is strictly higher. It has a discard means and it offers injury.

Why it flopped: Magic modifications. I talked about Plague Boiler as a weak Pernicious Deed reprint. Dimir Cutpurse, then again, is a greater Ophidian (which was a terrific card!). Defending a Three-mana 2/2 and making an attempt to play draw-go was not what the sport or the format was about. Shadowmage Infiltrator wasn’t good, so I’m unsure what led individuals to consider Cutpurse can be totally different.

#1. Gideon, Champion of Justice – Gatecrash

On the subject of the most important flops of all time, Gideon, Champion of Justice is like LeBron James and Sidney Crosby rolled into one. In case you are considering that I’m simply jealous these gamers are usually not on a Detroit group, you then can be right.

I used to be fortunate sufficient to crack a foil Gideon on the Gatecrash prerelease and couldn’t wait to promote it. It was $75 of pure hype. Gideon was not a card I had a lot curiosity in however individuals actually appeared to be enthusiastic about it on the time.

What’s in a reputation?

You play it. It does nothing. It will get attacked to dying.

Why did it flop: It flopped as a result of it stunk. The higher query is: why was it so hyped? A mixture of things: Jace, Architect of Thought blew up in worth upon launch and chase ‘walkers had massive worth tags on the time. The earlier Gideon was additionally insanely good. I feel individuals simply assumed that it needed to be good. What a recipe for a flop!

I skipped Guilds flops. Whereas there are some that began scorching and have pale there’s nonetheless time for them to go away their mark. Are there any GRN or RNA playing cards you consider will finish their careers as all-time Ravnica duds? I’d love to listen to about it within the feedback. Additionally, if there are any Ravnica playing cards you consider need to be added to the listing that I’ve missed or forgotten,  I’d love to listen to about it.

Ravnica is nice, however for each DRS, Sphinx’s Rev, or Bob there are playing cards that seemed interesting however shortly dropped off. With that being stated, I clearly haven’t discovered my lesson from right now’s cautionary story, as a result of all I need to do is construct Hydroid Krasis decks for MTGA! I hope the cardboard is nearly as good as I feel it’s, as a result of in any other case it’s going to be an extended yr.

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