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Top 8 Cards I’m Hoping to See in Modern Horizons

Top 8 Cards I’m Hoping to See in Modern Horizons

Trendy Horizons looms giant on the… what’s a phrase for “the road the place the earth and sky seem to satisfy…”?

Trendy Horizons is “simply across the riverbend”and I’m stoked to see how the brand new launch will influence Magic’s hottest Constructed format. As we speak, I’ll talk about eight playing cards I’d like to see repurposed into Trendy mainstays.

Slotting Previous Playing cards Into Trendy is a Big Deal

The idea of a set that drops previous and new printings into Trendy has been floating round because the format got here to be. Almost a decade got here and went with no Horizons, however the reality we’re getting it now’s doubtless because of the truth that we’d like it now.

The facility degree of a Trendy deck is excessive and tends to reward linear decisions that make the sport all about preventing a battle over some particular, exploitable level within the recreation. Trendy has been pushed ahead by Normal printings:

It’s not even that WotC can’t, or doesn’t, print Normal playing cards that influence Trendy. They clearly can and do. With that being stated, I really like the thought of a set that doesn’t care about whether or not a card is just too obnoxious for the Normal metagame. Low cost, reactive removing and interplay places a ton of strain on Normal:

The worth of placing playing cards like these into Commonplace is 2 years of distress, and Trendy Horizons looks like a good way to expedite the method of pushing Trendy ahead with out operating Normal off the street.

My main standards for selecting playing cards was two-fold:

  1. The cardboard can’t be on the reserve listing for apparent causes.
  2. The cardboard has to offer a Trendy impression. I didn’t embrace Oubliette on the record as a result of Pauper wants it (reality), since that is an article Trendy Horizons for Trendy.

Aside from that, I went with playing cards I discover enjoyable and thrilling to play and construct decks round.

There are various Onslaught block playing cards I’d like to see in Trendy, however the lands are excessive on my record. I like these playing cards as a result of they provide fascinating choices to a wide selection of decks.

The delineation between what’s or isn’t Trendy is bigoted. Onslaught block “feels” Trendy to me, however options the previous card face and is thus excluded. Fetchlands, reprinted in Khans of Tarkir, have been format-defining.

Life from the Loam

Loaming biking lands is clearly candy and opens up a lot of choices for Aggro Loam, in addition to extra controlling Loam-based methods.

It might even be nice to see these lands return alongside a few of the different iconic Onslaught biking playing cards:

Astral Slide, particularly, looks like a strong engine that might be enjoyable to construct a deck round.


Trendy is a format the place “defensive checkmate” playing cards like Relaxation in Peace and Stony Silence reign supreme in sideboards. As a lot as I really like casually casting a 2-drop enchantment that results in video games the place my opponent can’t do something, I’d additionally love some interactive sideboard playing cards too.

I like sideboard playing cards like Pyroblast and Hydroblast that don’t really feel so slender. It’s a counterspell or a removing spell, and helpful towards any deck enjoying both blue or pink.


We may even see Flusterstorm in Trendy Horizons. It’s additionally cute that Flusterstorm is maindeckable for some blue decks. With that being stated, I’d slightly have BEB or REB. I choose the pliability to reply permanents greater than overkilling Storm decks, and would like to not cope with Nivmagus Combo decks.

Nivmagus Elemental


Really, I’d want Drive of Will, however I feel it’s extremely unlikely. Since I already wrote a whole article concerning the matter, I’ll spend the time at the moment speaking a few extra probably printing, Counterspell. In truth, I’d be stunned if Counterspell didn’t discover a house in Trendy Horizons.

When it comes to impression, I don’t assume Counterspell shall be as big as individuals assume. The decks that need it already play Logic Knot.

Logic Knot

Sure, it’s a higher Logic Knot, however Logic Knot is fairly unexciting to start out with. The purpose I’m making an attempt to make is that Counterspell is unlikely to have a profound impact on Trendy, however it might definitely see an honest quantity of play and make an impression.

The worth of Alpha and Beta Counterspell has been surging and it virtually seems like a foregone conclusion that it’ll seem in Horizons.

Goblin Welder

Let’s go forward and throw my egocentric, “break the format” decide into the ring…

Goblin Welder is certainly one of my favourite event playing cards of all time and I’d be remiss if I stated I wouldn’t fist pump its inclusion in Trendy Horizons.

Welder is probably too highly effective for Trendy and may pose some issues, particularly if Faithless Looting is allowed to stay. It’s a type of situations the place it’s clearly a busted card, however I’ve to ask: is it actually that rather more busted than what’s already happening?

It’s shut, and I’m leaning towards busted, however I feel it raises an fascinating query about expectations for the format after Horizons: what is going to, or ought to, the format be like? In a second the place 250+ playing cards designed to make an impression are about to be launched, what do you hope that influence might be?

I’m not going to lie—I hope the set is filled with playing cards I feel are candy and that I’d take pleasure in enjoying. It’s a troublesome stability as a result of everybody likes totally different playing cards and kinds of decks. If the format goes to proceed to be a bunch of decks making an attempt to “out-break” each other, my most popular weapon of selection is a Welder.

I’d have an interest to listen to which playing cards readers assume are too damaged for Trendy, however that you simply’d nonetheless like to see on the spoiler anyway.

Pernicious Deed

Pernicious Deed is among the most all-time iconic, nostalgic Magic playing cards and earned that popularity because the lynchpin of Previous Prolonged Rock decks.

General, I’m in favor of playing cards that sluggish the format down and actively punish linear decks for spamming “all-in” methods. I’m taking a look at you, Mox Opal…

I take pleasure in enjoying The Rock, however would love entry to a strong, recreation breaking card like Deed. It’s an costly spell, however supplies a kind of impact that merely doesn’t exist in present Trendy. I’d be in favor of decks like The Rock accessing such a card.


There isn’t any doubt that Karakas is highly effective, however is it fitted to Trendy?

Dying & Taxes and Eldrazi & Taxes decks really feel like they’re near being aggressive, however merely don’t have sufficient instruments to mount a targeted protection. It’s a two-fold drawback:

  1. Decks assault from too many instructions so that you can management.
  2. Taxes feels prefer it doesn’t have sufficient highly effective items to make it value enjoying over one thing higher.

I feel these aggro, prison-type decks want some assist in Trendy if they’re to make a meaningfully fight combo.

Karakas does a few issues: First, it stops big legends like Emrakul. I’ll admit, it’s not crucial interplay proper now, however it’s a pleasant angle for a non-basic Plains to unravel.

The opposite, extra essential factor that Karakas does is shield Thalia, Guardian of Thraben from low cost removing. The most important cause to play White Jail decks is Thalia and it’s tremendous unhappy when she will get killed by a Bolt or Push. Karakas provides white mages a approach to make her sticky within the matchups the place maintaining her alive is life or demise (and taxes).

Karakas additionally opens up different avenues to discover:

Venser, Shaper Savant

Venser is a superb late recreation mana sink for a management deck that would add a enjoyable wrinkle.

Talking of the way to bolster Dying & Taxes fashion decks….

Containment Priest

Containment Priest will not be an oldie, however it’s definitely a goodie… Stephen Mann instructed the cardboard to me in Tampa and I feel it’s such a logical inclusion that I’ll be upset if it doesn’t discover its approach into Trendy Horizons.

It’s a Human, which slots properly into Tribal People. It might even be at house in a Taxes shell:

Eldrazi Displacer

There’s additionally the candy Eldrazi angle. Containment Priest prevents “blinked” creatures from returning to the battlefield from exile.

Containment Priest can also be an amazing sideboard card for any white deck towards Dredge and Phoenix. It looks like a card that plugs a variety of locations the place Trendy feels leaky.

I made a decision to go together with a enjoyable one for primary:

Riptide Laboratory

Riptide Laboratory is safer than Goblin Welder as a “pet decide.” It’s a good way to generate card benefit with ETB Wizard playing cards like:

Sure, the cardboard is durdle metropolis, besides it’s truly highly effective and well worth the effort. To be truthful, once I used to play this card in Faeries again within the day, “injury on the stack” was a factor, which made it even higher.

I really like the thought of Trendy. A big format filled with hundreds of highly effective playing cards and viable methods to ponder.

One of many features concerning the path of Trendy I most take pleasure in is maintaining it comparatively free from insane cantrips like Brainstorm and Ponder and excessively quick mana like Darkish Ritual and Ceremony of Flame. I’d wish to hold Brainstorm and Ponder in Everlasting the place they belong. I don’t need to play a format with out Pressure of Will the place the sport ends earlier than I take my second flip. These are strong rules to construct round.

What the format lacks, for my part, are strong, versatile methods to work together with the perfect decks and greatest playing cards. I’ve performed a ton of Everlasting with far more busted playing cards than Faithless Looting and Historic Stirrings. The truth that individuals have complained so lengthy and so exhausting about these staples is telling.

Faithless LootingAncient Stirrings

I might truly argue these two particular playing cards come too near breaking the “we don’t have Brainstorm and Ponder” rule of Trendy, which is why they’re all the time the focus of complaints concerning the format.

One of many largest considerations individuals appear to voice about modifications to Trendy is the thought of the format’s id and the significance of preserving it. I  agree that having a bunch of codecs that each one really feel the identical, with the identical decks, is just not superb.

With that being stated, after enjoying the format because the very first Trendy occasion, I’m nonetheless unclear as to what that id is. I might recommend that Trendy’s id is and has all the time been a format the place the interplay has persistently been outclassed by the highly effective linear methods.

It’s been that means since day one and the format has been a revolving door of bannings to prune again the irritating recreation play experiences as soon as it turns into clear the instruments to unravel the issue simply don’t exist in any sensible type.

On a gameplay degree, I’d like to see top quality, versatile solutions in Trendy Horizons. On a private degree, I’d like to see a number of the enjoyable, highly effective, and iconic playing cards reprise a shade of their former glory. I’m additionally hoping to see some thrilling new playing cards that serve to alleviate a few of the recurring format tensions that come up again and again.

Are there any MTG playing cards you’d like to see make an look in Trendy Horizons that I haven’t touched upon? In fact there are! How might there not be!? I’d love to listen to about and talk about these picks with you within the feedback part.

Earlier than we get too deep on what’s inconceivable, unfair, or damaged, I’d wish to level out that Tron is a factor and there are 12 low cost tutors to assist set it up. Once I step again, and attempt to internalize that piece of data, it doesn’t appear that absurd to me to ask for playing cards like Counterspell, Pyroblast, Pernicious Deed, Karakas, Riptide Lab, and even Drive of Will. I’d a lot somewhat play with these playing cards than with Tron. I’d a lot slightly play towards these playing cards than Tron.

Finally, I’d love for the id of the format to be one the place individuals can really play what they like and luxuriate in. If WotC is eliminating the arbitrary aspect of Trendy’s id that revolves round distinctive playing cards printed in a Commonplace-legal enlargement with new card face, I say, “Let’s do that.” Let’s get the playing cards that folks truly love and luxuriate in enjoying with again into sleeves and into decks the place they are often loved and appreciated.

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